Hardwood Alternative Flooring La JollaHardwood flooring is a timeless and traditional choice among local homeowners. While wood has its perks, it also has its disadvantages. Wood-look alternatives are growing in popularity as more durable, affordable, and water resistant substitutes for hardwood flooring. Here at Floor Coverings International La Jolla, we offer a variety of wood-look alternatives for La Jolla homeowners. Below are the most popular choices for those seeking the hardwood look without the hardwood concerns.

Wood-Look Tile

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are known for their durability and resistance against water damage. When these tiles are printed with high definition inkjet technology to look like wooden planks, they are called “wood-look tiles”. Advances in technology have allowed tile to come a long way in the wood-look world, as wood tile can even mimic the texture of wood graining. Wood-look tile comes in planks and can be installed to hide grout so as to better imitate real hardwood flooring.

One advantage wood-look tile has over hardwood is that it is virtually scratch proof – a quality that makes it great for pet owners. Spills and pet accidents won’t be a concern with wood-look tile either, as this floor will not warp or stain from liquid like hardwood can. With wood-look tile, you can get the appearance of hardwood in areas of your home that are too moist for real wood, like the bathroom or basement.

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Luxury vinyl plank is becoming increasingly popular as a hardwood alternative. Unlike sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl plank is a thicker form of vinyl that comes in the form of interlocking planks. These combine an image of hardwood and an embossed wood grain texture to create a vinyl plank that looks just like real hardwood.

Unlike wood-look tile, vinyl plank will be warmer and more comfortable underfoot. Vinyl is known for being incredibly water resistant and is another great option for moisture-prone rooms or in homes with pets. Luxury vinyl plank also offers the benefit of affordability, as it provides the hardwood look at a fraction of the cost. Keep in mind that vinyl cannot be refinished and will have a shorter lifespan than hardwood.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is one of the most commonly used hardwood alternatives. Laminate wood planks are made out of a resin and fiberboard core, a photographic layer, and a protective top layer. The photographic layer allows laminate to mimic real wood (or even stone). Laminate is more affordable and easier to install than hardwood, making it a favorite amongst homeowners who are looking to boost the resale value of their home.

Laminate’s tough top layer protects it from scratching and dents, giving it an advantage over hardwood. Since it is made out of fiberboard and resin instead of real wood, it is also less susceptible to warping in moist environments. While laminate is not as water resistant as wood-look tile or luxury vinyl, it is still a better choice for basements or kitchens than hardwood. Like luxury vinyl, a laminate floor cannot be refinished and can be expected to last up to 30 years with the proper care.

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