carpet squares san diegoMany San Diego homeowners think of carpet tile flooring as practical and durable rather than aesthetically pleasing. It’s for this reason that you’ll find carpet tile all over airports, offices, and classrooms, but almost never in the home.

However, interior designers have found new ways of using carpet squares that have made this durable flooring a popular choice amongst many homeowners. Below, the experts at Floor Coverings International La Jolla have compiled a list of reasons to love carpet tiles, from their practicality to their incredible design potential!

Carpet Squares Are Easy to Maintain

One of the best perks of carpet tile flooring is that it is easy to maintain. Unlike broadloom carpet, carpet tiles are glued or placed over a subfloor or existing floor, making them very easy to remove if necessary. This makes it easy to deep clean a spoiled tile, or even replace one that has been stained.

Carpet tiles commonly come in short looped fibers, unlike broadloom carpet, which commonly comes in plush, cut fibers. While this might make carpet tile feel less cushiony underfoot, it makes it much easier to vacuum and clean. The short, looped fibers are less likely to trap dust or allergens, also making carpet tile a more hypoallergenic choice than most broadloom carpets.

Carpet Tiles Are Pet Friendly

Carpet is usually the worst type of floor for pet owners, because it will soak up accidents and stains, trap dander and fur, and will absorb pet smells. This can make your old carpet an unattractive feature if you ever put your home on the market. Carpet tiles, however, are a wonderful pet-friendly alternative to broadloom carpet.

A single carpet tile can be removed for deep cleaning when accidents occur, or it can be completely replaced if necessary. Unlike broadloom carpet, carpet tiles do not require the use of a carpet pad. This helps to prevent smells from getting trapped in the flooring and makes the carpet tile a cleaner choice. Carpet tiles are less likely to trap dander and fur thanks to their short, looped fibers, but they still provide warmth and cushion for your pet’s joints.

Carpet Design PotentialsCarpet Tiles San Diego

Carpet tiles are common in commercial spaces thanks to their practicality, but it never seems that much thought has been put into their aesthetic. However, carpet tiles come in so many patterns and colors that all it takes is a good designer to create a beautiful and unique carpet tile floor.

Chevron and herringbone patterns have been very trendy this past year, and these looks are completely attainable with carpet tiles. Get creative with mismatched tiles by creating a plaid or checkered look. You can find countless design ideas online, or you can schedule a free design consultation with one of our expert designers to create a unique look for your San Diego home.

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