Whether it’s long or short pile, cut or looped, natural or synthetic, there are countless styles of carpet to choose from when deciding on new flooring for your La Jolla home. To make it easier, the experts here at Floor Coverings International La Jolla have compiled a guide to one of our favorite carpet choices: berber. This soft and durable carpet is popular here in La Jolla for many reasons. Read below to learn if this carpet is a good fit for your home!

What is Berber Carpet?Berber Carpet La Jolla

Berber was formerly a term used to describe the pattern of weaving created by the Berber tribes of North Africa. This weaving was often incorporated into looped-fiber carpets, eventually causing the term to switch meanings. Today, a “berber carpet” refers to a looped type of carpet rather than a Berber patterned carpet.

Carpet Comfort

While berber carpets can be soft and comfy, their cushion is not their strongest quality. This is because their looped fibers are more dense and flat as opposed to cut-loop carpets, where the fibers stand on-end and provide extra cushion. While a berber carpet may not be extra fluffy, its softness will depend on its quality and the material used. It is absolutely possible to have a cozy berber carpet. Look for high quality nylon or wool berber for maximum comfort.

Berber DurabilityBerber Carpet La Jolla

Looped fiber carpets are commonly chosen for their durability. A looped fiber is less likely to unravel or crush, unlike cut-loop fibers. Some may be concerned about a looped fiber unraveling if something gets caught on it, like a pet claw. However, this is rarely an issue with berber carpet. You can feel safe using berber in high traffic areas like hallways or staircases, as it will be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear without showing usage.

Spills and Staining

Another advantage of berber carpet is its ability to ward off spills and stains. Ultimately, the likelihood of a carpet to absorb a spill depends on the material used to make the fiber. For example, wool fibers aren’t good for moisture-prone rooms because they absorb liquid easily, but polyester is hydrophobic and resistant against staining.

However, the shape of the berber loop helps to keep liquids on the surface of the carpet rather than allowing them to seep through the fibers. Spills and grime will generally sit on top of the loops before slowly sinking in, giving you time to blot them up and prevent damage.

Get Started in La Jolla Today

Berber is a beautiful, durable carpet that can be perfect for your La Jolla home. Contact Floor Coverings International La Jolla today to schedule your free, in-home design consultation and we’ll help you choose the right carpet color and material to compliment the rest of your home. We proudly serve San Diego, La Jolla, Clairemont and surrounding areas.

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Photo Credit: Katherine E. Knecht, PhILL Studio