Carpet materials san diegoWhen it comes to carpet, there is one important factor that determines its texture, durability, price, and more. This factor is the carpet’s fiber type. From natural to synthetic, there are so many different carpet fiber materials on the market that it could be tough to choose the right one. To help you find the perfect carpet for your San Diego home, the experts at Floor Coverings International La Jolla have complied some basic facts on the most commonly used fiber types below.

Nylon Carpet

A vast majority of the carpets made in the U.S. are created using synthetic fibers, and of these synthetic carpets, nylon is the most popular. Nylon is a common choice in both residential and commercial carpeting for many reasons. For one, this synthetic material is very durable and resilient. This means that it can stand up to heavy foot traffic without readily showing wear and tear. It is less likely to crimp or crush underfoot than other synthetic fibers. Despite being so tough, nylon is still incredibly soft, making it the perfect choice for residential carpeting.

Polyester and Olefin Carpets

Polyester and olefin are the two other common synthetic fiber types found throughout the U.S. While both of these materials are relatively durable, they are not quite as tough as nylon. Both are slightly more susceptible to crushing and pilling, making them less suitable for high traffic areas. However, both are more moisture and mildew resistant than nylon, and they are also highly stain resistant. These are both good choices for low traffic areas in the home. They are most suitable for low pile, looped fiber carpets.

Wool Fiber CarpetsWool Carpet san diego

Although they only make up about 10% of the carpets made in the U.S., natural carpets are growing increasingly popular amongst local homeowners. Wool is by far the most commonly used natural fiber type – and for good reasons. This luxury material is incredibly durable and soft. Thanks to the structure of wool hair, wool fibers are incredibly resilient and resistant against crushing. Their structure also helps to repel dirt and grime, making messes easy to vacuum away. Wool is notoriously comfortable and acts as a superior insulator to many synthetic carpets. To top it off, wool is very eco-friendly. As long as you keep your wool carpet or area rug dry, it can last for decades.

Plant Based Carpet Materials

Although wool often takes the spotlight when it comes to all-natural carpeting, there are many other natural fiber types out there that provide homeowners with a number of unique benefits. Sisal and seagrass are both plant-derived fiber materials that are durable against foot traffic and are hypoallergenic. Most carpets are unsuitable for homeowners with asthma, chemical sensitivities, or allergies, but plant-based carpets provide a wonderful alternative for these homeowners. Such carpets are also eco-friendly, and homeowners are choosing them over synthetic carpets for this very reason.

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