Hickory Hardwood Flooring San DiegoHickory hardwood is a domestically grown wood that offers exceptional durability and a distinct look that local homeowners love. While this type of hardwood is certainly not uncommon, it is a unique-looking choice that could be perfect for your San Diego home. Below are the hickory hardwood basics you’ll want to know before installing this flooring in your home.

Hickory Hardwood Flooring Appearance

Considering that hickory is a domestic wood harvested throughout the North American region, one might not expect its appearance to stand out that much. Hickory does not offer the bright hues found in many exotic hardwood species, but it is instead characterized by its almost calico look.

This look is created by the contrast between its light blonde wood and dark chocolate graining. Some types of hickory wood are not as bold, with a grain that blends in more closely to the base color of the wood. Hickory generally gives a warm, traditional, and sometimes rustic feel.

Hardwood Flooring DurabilityHickory Hardwood Flooring San Diego

One quality that sets hickory apart is its exceptionally high Janka rating. The Janka hardness scale is used to rate the density of different hardwoods. The higher the score, the more dense and durable a hardwood tends to be. Hickory scores 1,820 on this scale, while other domestic hardwoods score much lower. Red oak, for example, is considered the standard for durability, but scores 1,290 on this scale.

With such density, hickory hardwood can be trusted to stand up to wear and tear in any home. It will stand up against scratches and dents better than any other domestic hardwood. Its varied graining also helps to mask any potential scratches that may occur.

Cost and Installation

Hickory hardwood flooring costs slightly more than other domestic hardwoods like red oak or maple. However, it is much cheaper than many popular exotic woods like Brazilian cherry or Ipe. This means you can get a unique look and durable hardwood without having to spend extra money on an exotic wood.

Hickory flooring is installed just like any other hardwood flooring. However, its density can make it hard to cut and place. For this reason, it is best to have your hickory hardwood floors installed professionally. This will prevent shifting or gapping on down the road.

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