Wood-look tile La JollaHomeowners are raving about the growing flooring sensation of wood-look tile. This hardwood alternative not only looks beautiful, but also has the bonus of being very water resistant and durable. Here at Floor Coverings International La Jolla, we love installing wood-look tile and believe that it can be the perfect solution for homeowners who want the hardwood look without the inconvenience of potential scratching, water damage, and special maintenance.

What is Wood-Look Tile?

Wood-look tile is actually ceramic or porcelain tile that is made to look like real hardwood. High definition inkjet technology is used to print realistic images of hardwood onto the ceramic or porcelain, which is also imprinted with a grain texture. Wood tile is installed just like regular tiles, and it comes in a variety of plank sizes to truly recreate the hardwood look.

Water Resistance

One of the greatest perks of this hardwood alternative is that it is incredibly water resistant. It will not expand or contract due to moisture changes, nor will it warp or stain from humidity or standing water. This is one of the most significant advantages wood-look tile has over hardwood. This tile allows you to have the hardwood look in rooms that are otherwise too moisture-prone for real wood, such as the bathroom or basement.


Real hardwood can be sealed and finished, but no matter how careful you are it will acquire scratches over time. Thankfully, hardwood can be refinished to erase these blemishes. However, with wood-look tile, you won’t need to refinish your floors. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are nearly impossible to scratch, dent, or crack. For this reason, wood-look tile is a great solution for pet owners who love the look of hardwoods but don’t want to risk their pets scratching them.


One reason why homeowners love wood-look tile is because it is so easy to clean. All that’s required is a simple sweeping and occasional mopping. Hardwood requires special care, as it is susceptible to water damage and harsh chemicals. Busy families in particular will benefit from wood-look tile, as it is resistant to spills and accidents but also very easy to clean when messes do occur.

Get Started Today

No matter what your needs are, wood-look tile is bound to suit your home and lifestyle. Contact Floor Coverings International La Jolla today to schedule your free in-home design consultation and learn more about our hardwood alternatives. We proudly serve San Diego, La Jolla, Clairemont and surrounding areas.

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